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Selling your home can be a daunting task, leaving you with many questions... What's my home worth? How do I protect myself from legal issues? How can I sell my home quick and for top dollar? Should I buy first or sell first? etc. Start by reviewing the links below, and if you still have question or need assistance, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

  • House Values in Your Area: Use our interactive Map Search to find similar homes for sale around you, and what they're selling for. You can create a search radius around your home, or draw a polygon around your neighbourhood, and get an estimate of what your home might sell for in today's real estate market. To get a more accurate value, based on previous sales, simply fill out the form below.
  • Free Home Evaluation: Pricing your home competitevly is one of the most important steps you'll take when it comes time to sell. Every market & every season is different. Get a free up-to-date evaluation of your home, without obligation, to determine what it would likely sell for in today's London real estate market.
  • Why Use a REALTOR?: Your home will likely be the greatest financial investment you'll ever make; therefore, we strongly suggest enlisting the help of a REALTOR®. Using a good Realtor will get your home sold quicker and for more money, and save you from the headaches and potential legal pitfalls that can occur.
  • Choosing a REALTOR®: Choosing the right Realtor can make all the difference. A good agent will prepare, present, price, and market your home well, giving you the chance at a 'bidding war' or a quick sale for top dollar, putting more money in your pocket at the end of the day than if you sold it yourself, covering the commission, and without all the headaches or legal concerns.
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